Make Your Child A Tax Free Millionaire!

Want to give your child or grandchild a jump-start on their retirement? Here's a tip that will help them learn the value of investing and maximize the tax benefits.

Why is the IRS Sending Me This?!?

The IRS is temporarily suspending automated notices to taxpayers due to its backlog of unprocessed tax returns. Here is what you need to know.

Common Tax Increase Surprises

Too often we think our upcoming tax bill will be similar to the one last year. When it is not AND when it is a higher tax bill, the surprise can be problematic.

Rent Your Property Tax-Free

Did you know you can rent out your home or vacation property for up to 14 days and not need to claim the income? Here are some tips to take advantage of this opportunity.

A Time to Organize

Diverse tax reporting makes this year a challenge If your tax records are a bit of a mess, here are some ideas to help to get better organized.

What? This Form 1099 is Wrong!

What to do to fix this thorny problem Vendors are not perfect. What should you do when you receive a tax form that is in error?


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